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Yonder Is La Butte

What is Didsbury? I'll show you around

Here is the high school
Here is the bus station
It's really an ice cream shop
And yonder is La Butte

Here are the war hills
That's the track and field track
Over there is a train track
And yonder is La Butte

These are the stables
For the annual rodeo
That right there is a skating rink
And yonder is La Butte
Yonder is La Butte

Look! A swimming pool
That's where yet another pretty girl lived
I've never been in there
And yonder is La Butte

This is the chiropractor's office
Doctor Death!
There's a deli here, an arcade there
And yonder is La Butte

What is Didsbury?
I'll show you around
I'll tell you about Didsbury
I'll show you the Chinese restaurant
And yonder is LaButte
Yonder is LaButte

This was Dirty Pete's love letter to his hometown of Didsbury, Alberta. Unfortunatly during the planned recording sessions for the album "I Give Her The Dick" there was a huge snowstorm and Dirty Pete couldn't make it - even though Jar Jar Benalto and Don Juan Benalto made the trip from Edmonton. Dirty Pete is a wimp! So we got Dolphin Killa to sing, and it turned out to be for the best - listen to her haunting, wistful, melancholy voice, the way she says "track and field track"...combined with the steady rock of Prince Cranemaster and Tea 'n' Biscuits as a rhythm section, with Blood Benalto's spooky guitar? Easily one of the top 5 songs we've ever done.