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Mr. Poopy Pants #2 (Mr. Poopy Pants' Lament)

Dirty Pete

Our March 2002 EP " SONGS BASED ON THE MOVIE METROPOLIS, A STRANGE NIGHT ON HIGHWAY #2, AND THE TRAGIC EVENTS AT 5617 42 ST, RED DEER, ALBERTA" was significant for a number of reasons. It was the last full recording with Dirty Pete, who would only appear in cameos from here on in; and it was the first time Benalto brought in an outside producer in the form of Simon Williams, of Sag fame. This song is a modern scatalogical take on the plight of Freder Frederson, the protaginist in the acclaimed 1927 Fritz Lang silent "Metropolis". Indeed, as the album title indicates, Metropolis was one of the major themes with this collection of songs.