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I Can't Deal With Numbers


I can't deal with numbers
I can't deal with abstract thought
I can't deal with science
I'm a woman

Give me a stove, give me a grill
Give me a mop, give me the pill
Give me a man for whom I can cook, clean, and breed
A kitchen, a bedroom, that's all I need

I'm no good at things intellectual
I'm good at windows
And things that are sexual
Like pleasing with my mouth
Or cooking a dinner
As long as I'm useful
I feel like a winner!

Sang by Miss Wild Rose Benalto (pictured above) who also sang on the botched sessions for our country duet "You Didn't Have To Hit Me (So Damn Hard)". She did a fine fine job. This song was written with the lyrics first and then the music; unfortunately there was a great lyrical bridge we couldn't come up for music. It included the line "James Joyce said/no woman can produce a complete philosophy". It was one of many failed attempts to put Joycean references into Benalto, though our entire 4th album can be seen as a companion to the first 30 pages of Finnegans Wake.

p.s. I am sure Miss Wild Rose can INDEED deal with numbers. She's a sharp cookie who got the humour of Benalto songs like "I Got My Period Today" and such.