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The Dolphin Song


Everybody likes the dolphins
They like to watch the dolphins do tricks
Oh the cute little baby dolphins
It's sad when they get clubbed to death

In Benalto there's thousands of dolphins
Dolphins as far as the eye can see
They aren't just part of the ecosystem
These dolphins are friends to you and me

Hey people let's care about the dolphins!
It's something I think is worth talking about
How can you and I save the dolphins?
Save them from being buried alive!

There's people out there who think it's funny
To get the dolphins to have sex with them
I think it's wrong, I don't think it's funny
Oh my poor little dolphin friends

Come on people now, care about the dolphins
Do not use them for an ironing board
Do not use them to practice ninjitsu
Do not use them for a potential life partner

Come on people stop laminating the dolphins
They can't breathe when you do that you know
Do not make the dolphins roll around in broken glass
They do not enjoy that, no they do not!

Our protest hippie song, featuring banjos! From the "Big Wooden Boat" album.