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Diamondback Kuahara

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Diamondback Kuahara
You think he oughta know you
But he's too cool for the likes of you
You feel like such a winner
Diamondback he's way too tough
To lower himself to the likes of you

Oh Diamondback -
Preparing for the attack

He's not your friend! He's not your friend!

It's too bad we don't have a picture of Diamondback himself, but here's a picture of the house this album ("Trick or Treat") was recorded in. It was the first of many albums recorded in this house, which later on Toqueface set aflame (documented in the EP  "SONGS BASED ON THE MOVIE METROPOLIS, A STRANGE NIGHT ON HIGHWAY #2, AND THE TRAGIC EVENTS AT 5617 42 ST, RED DEER, ALBERTA"). This song is Jar Jar Benalto's favourite Benalto song.  It features Diamondback Kuahara himself playing bass and yelling "I'm not your friend" over the end section. Note also Toqueface's supranoise guitar playing at the end and his Peter Prescott-like background vocal attack. Dirty Pete sounds asleep while singing this.